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Partners® Solar Brands

For Manufacturer Price Quote FOB: $ USD Please contact for Minimum Order Quantity: 100

  • Available for iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other digital devices.
  • Recharge from sunlight besides from computer or AC adapter by USB cable.
  • Two output ports make it possible to charge two mobile phones at the same time.
  • Humanized operation with LED indicators and flashlight.

With Qaboss™ Solar Portable Power Pack you can charge your Iphone 5 and Ipad at the same time. WOW!!!

The Qaboss Partners® 150 Watts Portable Solar Power Systems are small AC and DC Power Supply Systems which can power Medical equipment, Electric tools, Field media cameras, Flood Lights, Laptop computers, Monitors, TV sets, Electric fans and so on. It is designed for Military applications, civilian uses, farmers, outdoor camping, and emergency personnel, etc.

In our smart solar system panel is a controller, inverter and a intelligent battery all stored in a innovative control box, so it is very easy to operate and convenient to carry.

The Qaboss Solar System is essential for field work, outdoor work, mobile office, and blackout emergencies, etc.

Technical Data:

  • Solar Panel: 20W / 18V Mono-crystalline.
  • Intelligent Battery: 4pcs 6V / 24Ah Lead-acid battery.
  • Solar Charger Controller: 12V / 24V Auto, 10A
  • Inverter: Input DC 12V output 220V~240V / 150 Watts.
  • Output: DC 12V, AC 220V~240V.
  • Maximum Load: 150 Watts.
  • AC charger: 15V / 10A.
For Manufacturer Price Quote FOB: $ USD Please contact for Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Qaboss™ 150Watts Portable IP65 Waterproof Solar Power System with Lithium battery Military Grade

Key Features:

  •  Light weight, easy carrying, only 5.4kg for the whole case;
  • Integrated design, easy to use;
  • Large capacity of lithium battery, can provide enough power during power outage, or camping outside;
  • With a 3Watt built-in super bright LED lamp, can provide bright light for emergency lighting; With AC output function, can support AC devices like fridges, and fans etc.


Item: Ultra thin solar portable system

1.Solar panel:     18V/20W monocrystalline;

2.Battery:           12V/16Ah lithium polymer battery;

3.Switch:            With a master switch for controlling the whole kit;

4.LED:                Built-in 3W super bright LED lamp;

5.Protect:           IP65 waterproof;

                         Ideal for outdoor camping or indoor lighting/watching TV etc.

6.Advantages: Lithium battery, environmental friendly, long lifespan;

                          Portable, easy for carrying;

                          Over-charge and discharge protection;

7.Charging time: by sunshine=16hours to full charge;

8. Power:            Can be charged by solar and AC electricity;

For Manufacturer Price Quote FOB: $ USD Please contact for Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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