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Qaboss™ Security Integration of taping and playing, remote-control video Product Advantages:

No need to setup, install, wireless, instant use when you start the camera, simple operation.

Auto video, high sensitivity infrared body sensor, video and audio recording automatically without any omission.

300,000 pixels LLL monitoring camera can be used normally in darkness with 6 meters transmission range.

Store in TF card,maximum support 32G TF card.

Instant use when connecting computer via USB cable,the recording files can be replayed, copied or deleted on computer.

Support Dos, Windows, Linux and MacOSX operating systems.

Main Application:

  • Daily home use.
  • Key offices'safety and privacy.
  • Property safety during travel.
  • Warehouse storage and visitors'recording for safety.
  • Analyze products that customers pay attention by recording so that it can better improving management and sales revenue.
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