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Qaboss Partners is a multinational company that is a manufacturer. Specializing in Solar alternative energy products such as Solar PV Glass Modules, Mono-crytalline and Poly-crystalline solar modules, Portable solar energy products and Solar flash lights. Qaboss Partners has the absolute strongest research and development ability to develop new solar technological alternative application products. Being a Green Energy Giant we have the newest production lines, testing machines, laser cutting machines, non-Pb soldering lines, module testing machines, laminating machines and so on. We use the highest quality solar cells and EVA, TPT, strengthen glass, and seal silicon, etc.

Our experienced electrical engineers work together well with assurance quality under the effective ISO system. We stay ahead in the solar technology industry and forging relationships with other solar cell manufacturers in the world.

Our other divisions produces business and consumer electronics for the world. Qaboss Partners GPS Communications Division, vision has been to develop a GPS tracking program for in-home health care for family members and caregivers to monitor and protect children, elderly and the disabled. And this is why we have developed the QABOSS GPS TRACKER, Based on the GSM network and INTERNET, this series of products provide personlized services for companies, organizations and individuals. With built-in SIRF Star III Chipset, its excellent for fixing the position. And built-in GSM/GPRS module, supports 4-frequencies GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. The major technological index of the device is in conformity with the international standard of GSM mobile phones. This is why its supports voice calling, SMS communication or GPRS TCP connection.

Users can search the longitude, latitude coordinates and moving speed of the tracking information provided by the GPS TRACKER on your personal computer. QABOSS GPS TRACKER is the Only True Global device for talking, monitoring, and protecting.

Qaboss Quad-Band Mobile Phone Watches and Global System of Mobile Communications Division. Qaboss Partners also is an upscale producer of high-end GSM Mobile Phone Watches. We have produced a watch phone capable of the world's first 4G VT service and GSM Quad-band network with sophisticated philosophy of simple and easy connectivity by applying the world's best wireless technology merged with miniaturization and large scale intergration technologies. Product Features: GSM Frequencies, 850/900/1800/1900/2100, 4G HSDPA, video conference capabilities, full touchscreen LCD, TTS(Text To Speech), Speech recognition, MP3-MP4, download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. So you can see we are a major manufacturer of multiple products for the world market. Research and Development is a key important factor for a company to progress. That is why we invest 25% of what we earn every year in our R&D Department. We produce and sell products that, thanks to their extraordinary quality, sustainability and performance parameters, we offer an absolute competitve advantage. We also do OEM work for any company in the world, and all we need is the client specifications to produce any product that you have licensed or trademarked.

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