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Qaboss GPS Wings of Angels™

GPS Protection For WOMEN

Qaboss GPS Wings of Angels was designed for women who have been victims of crimes such as domestic violence, assault and protection against stalking. This device provides the overall solution for security and safety for women. Here are some examples:

  • Whenever you are jogging
  • Walking along the beach
  • Traveling alone such as road trips
  • Or just out and about running
  • errands.

You will have the freedom to feel absolutely confident and secure, knowing that you have:

  • An SOS alert: Press the SOS button and the GPS tracker will send a help alert and an exact location to the authorized numbers for immediate rescue. And, simultaneous it will call the authorized numbers until the phone is picked up,"including 911."

If the device is left in your purse and your purse is stolen, your purse can be located in minutes by the police.

Main Features

  • Real-time locating and tracking: Send a SMS to the GPS tracker and it will return to you the longitude coordinate and moving speed of the tracking target, then you can find out the location accurately through the free Google Earth or other map software.
  • Two-way talking communication: You can talk with the tracking target via the GPS tracker just like a cell phone and also can listen to the sound around the GPS tracker in 15 feet secretly.

With Qaboss Partners Processing services, things are made easy: pay with PayPal, Visa MasterCard, or Debit, and no cash payments over $1,000.00 USD.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you get, two GPS Wings of Angels for the price of one @ $449.00 USD.

And there are absolutely no recurring fees or costs and that is Qaboss Partners guarantee. Call our factory in Asia: 011.852.8197.9265

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