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Qaboss Partners® Quality Assurance Policy

Qaboss parters ® Quality Assurance Policy

Qaboss ® Company Partners Advantage is we meet the market demand and Timely Continuously-through research and development of new products ACCORDING to the change and development of the market. 

 * With Qaboss Professional OEM / ODM / JDM we always take customer's inquiry as our first consideration During our work. 

 * We defer to your market, designed especially for you, and delivery is on time Because we own the factory, monthly capacity is: 150,000 units. 

 * With Qaboss Partners ® "Superior Quality and Honor First", Quality Assurance!
Supplier Management: 

There are strict management Procedures to Ensure That All materials meet specifications include: supplier audits and periodic evaluation, validation of new materials Process Control: Implementation of strict ISO9001 and ISO50001 quality management system, a sound system of internal review.      

Owing to our new, eye-catching and practical products, stable quality, reasonable price and good after sales service, won the trust and info We have support from domestic and foreign Both our customers.

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